My name is Etienne. I am a multi-disciplinary creative based in Sydney. My skill set includes motion design, film and post-production as well as digital design and art direction.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work.


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My primary passion is video. It started at the age of 15 when my dad bought me my first video camera.

Since then, I've developed my skill set to include motion graphics, shooting with DSLRs and even sound editing and voiceovers.


Well-designed, dynamic graphics are essential for creating great video content.

With this in mind, I've dedicated countless hours to becoming proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.



Despite being from a 'production' background, I really enjoy the whole creative process.

This inspired me to enrol in ADMA Creative School last year.

I am also pleased to have been accepted into Award School 2015 and will be starting in April.


Last year, I decided to have a crack at the ADMA Young Creative of the Year Award.

The brief was simply to create an inviting way to lure young creatives and marketers to enter the competition the following year.

I really enjoyed creating every aspect of this entry video, from the initial concept, through to the script and even recording the voiceover myself!



Le Coq Sportif presented a fun challenge to me - to come up with a marketing stunt to help relaunch their retro-sneaker range, Éclat.

I created this video to pitch my idea to them:

Despite the clients loving the concept, the limited budget required that it be simplified. I re-developed the idea to be a one-off experience.

Directing the shoot was challenging and rewarding.


The Republic of Triumph was a facebook competition that encouraged women of all body types to express their rights.

The first video is a call to action. Using just stills of the natural models, I created a panorama effect to mirror the competition's landing page.


The second video is a highlights reel of the competition winners enjoying their prize - a day of pampering! I had the task of following the group and filming the day as it unfolded.


Metro St. James' 'Pay with a Kiss' campaign made news all over the world. It was such a fun project to be involved with.


This video was created as a piece of social media content for St George bank. Our goal was to inspire it's customers to switch from paper statements to e-statements.

This project was fun - I loved filming the stop-motion and designing the paper robot.


I teamed up with an Yuji Sekiya (art director) and Danielle White (copywriter) for the Young Glory competition.

Together we developed ideas for the monthly briefs, then I created the videos for submission.

Here are two of the ideas we submitted, each were awarded bronze.


I have recently been investing a lot of time and effort into becoming a stronger all-round creative. Last year I had the pleasure of completing ADMA Creative School and I am proud of having been accepted into AWARD School 2015, commencing in April.

Below are some of the concepts I have created.